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Hosea | Return to The LORD

Hosea is appointed as Israel’s prophet. To the Northern Kingdom that have become far more corrupt than their Judah counterpart in the south. With consecutive failed dynasties, Israel’s idolatry and abomination have become common place in the lives of God’s people. Yet, God has not relented. Through Hosea God will strike Israel to core by providing a bona fide picture of Israel’s offense, God will use Hosea’s redemption and marriage with Gomer to typify Israel’s wayward heart, and as sacred as the union between husband and wife is to be, Israel through her idolatry violates the covenant dividing herself from her groom, from her lover and her redeemer. She has chased after fleeting pleasures and emptied herself of any worth as the beloved bride rendering the damage irreversible. However, the beauty of Hosea is this: God will cause Israel to see more than her brokenness, promising the day when he will restore his bride and turn her heart back towards him “as in the days of her youth”. Hosea exposes in the failed dynasties the gravitation and inclination of man’s heart toward sin, all the while revealing God's compassion that tunes the heart of the sinner to Return to The LORD.



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